keskiviikko 26. toukokuuta 2010

english info : hello world!

LUE: Suomea ymmärtäville ei tässä pitäis olla mitään uutta. Huomasin vaan että mun lukijoissa on enemmän ja enemmän ulkomaalaisia, joten päätin huomioida niitäkin, jotka suomea ei ymmärrä ja elää google translaten avulla. Joten, voitte skippaa.

To my all readers, who don't understand finnish; hello. As you all probably realized, I'm Elise, the one who's posting stuff on soundzlike NE girls life - or as I've nicknamed it, NE. One day I realized, how many foreign readers I actually have, and because I value all of my readers, I wanted to post this little info in English.
First of all, thank you all for following my blog. I was really happy to see that people are interested on my posts even though they probably can't understand finnish. If you wish to understand more in future, I can post short english summary in the end of every entry. Just let me know and I'll do it.
Secondly, I want to celebrate the fact that I soon have 5000 visitors. For this, I want to make a special post, and will ask, what do you want me to post? Some tutorial maybe? Some meme? Something else? Tell me. Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. öö sullon 0 kommenttii suunnillee jokaikises postaukses että se ois 0 subscribers tiedätkös followers ja subscribers on eri asia.

  2. You you please post another nail tutorial please?? I would really appreciate it!! :3

  3. Sakky ♡ ; Thank you for your request! Lately I've been really lazy with my nails and they turn out pretty boring, but let's hope that it changes soon. :)